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Hey Captain

Marine Concierge Services

Private Boat Tours & Boating Education

Fernandina Beach / Amelia Island, Florida

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Until we meet again...

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Like everything, Hey Captain began as a thought and morphed into many things including boat tours, boaters’ education, and marine concierge services.  All of these things gave us opportunities to make memories with many wonderful people, some we have known for a long, long time and some we met for the very first time.  We were able to provide valuable services not only in teaching new boating skills and providing marine services but also in providing access to the water and sights of this incredibly beautiful, picturesque, and magical area we call Fernandina Beach...home. 


With all of that said, Hey Captain will be taking a pause in operations at the start of 2024.   Everyone has felt the economic challenges including us at Hey Captain.  However, there is another, more positive side to all this!   This 2024 will see Captain Sean taking the opportunity to focus on his 1st love and passion: writing and performing music.  Stay tuned on the @SeanMcCarthy and @SeanMcCarthyBand Facebook pages for a lot of exciting news, performance dates and new music releases in 2024. 


It has been an AWESOME ride!  We will cherish the memories made on the water and we would not have changed a thing!  From Captain Sean and all of us at Hey Captain....We wish you a HAPPY, SAFE and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!   See you on the water, and on the stage!

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